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Aid for 100 special children in Calabar

There are an estimated 1.3 million children in Nigeria. Majority of them lack access to education, medical care and psychosocial support and many die of isolation, neglect and malnutrition. This project will equip a drop in center that will provide psychosocial support for the children, ensure their access to education and medical services while coordinating a support group for parents and employment through skills training for unemployed mothers.

Provide Shelter for 50 Street Children in Nigeria

This project plans to equip a home in Calabar, Nigeria to accommodate 50 street children where they can have access to education, vocational skills training, feeding, healthcare and life skills training.

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With help of committed supporters like you, Enabled to Enable can continue our work to support the most marginalized and vulnerable in our community. You can make a difference through an annual donation, monthly donation and in-kind donation.

Adopt a Project

Individuals and Corporate Organisations can support our work by adopting a project or support an on-going project.
SAY YES! TO MOBILITY PROJECT: This project provides assistive mobility devices like wheelchairs, crutches, white canes for persons with disabilities. It is an on-going project and has so far provided 1 wheel-chair, 3 crutches and made referrals for other women with disabilities to receive wheelchairs from other individuals and organizations.
SMILE OF A CHILD PROJECT: This project provides home -based care services for children with disabilities who are neglected by their parents. It provides nutritional support and linkages to medical services at no cost and linkages to subsidized rates for our beneficiaries. As the flagship program of the organization, it advocates for the education of children with disabilities, it provides counselling services, educational support in terms of scholastic materials, mentoring on life skills/ reproductive health for in-school girls with disabilities and celebrates special events to promote inclusion and self- acceptance among the children.
VOICES AND VISIONS PROJECT:This project provides capacity building training for families of deaf children and gives support to people with visual impairments and those who are blind. It is currently providing accessible computer training to the visually impaired.

Be a Volunteer

Make the most of your passion! Turn your talents into life-changing opportunities that will create a preferable future for those who are currently in need. The gift of time is one the best gifts you can give to any one, let your time make a difference in someone’s life today for a better tomorrow.
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