Current Project


Growing up, I remember my sisters and classmates carrying me on their back to and from school because I could not walk.
I was born premature and grew up faster defying all medical predictions but contracted polio at the age of 2.
Today, I am who I am because some people helped me stand and my family gave me access to education.
On the second of October 2019, a 3 year old girl was brought to my office, isolated and left to die by her parent because she cannot walk.
Victoria was born premature and has paralysis on one leg. She has been isolated to the extent that she is gradually losing her ability to talk. Victoria is malnourished, has challenges with one of her eyes and ears that can be corrected medically. Given access to physiotherapy services, it is possible that Victoria can walk again.
We have been able to rescue Victoria from her parent but there is still much that needs to be done to ensure that she survive and thrive.
We have $6 at this time but we are committed to keep our doors open so that children like Victoria will not be silenced forever.
Every donation will count towards our $2000 dollar goal to equip our drop in center, providing care and support for children with special needs.From November 2019, the Smile of a Child project is equipping a drop in center for children with special needs to reduce isolation and also provide support for parent who need to work but has no caregiver for the child.
Unemployed parents can acquire a skill at our vocational skills center. The project will also offer programs that cares for the mental health of the children and most importantly, their parents.
Your kind donation will make this possible. Please support our Smile of a Child Project.